How does an ideal day look like for me?

An ideal day for me starts fresh, dreamy, relaxed and positive. In the afternoon this changes into energy, speed, hectic and bright elements. The evening is heavy, it makes you feel that you return to earth again.  My goal was to express those characteristics into different pavilions, made from different materials. The first step was to define and then make quick sketches of the different periods of the day. These sketches define the personality of the different stages of a day. After this I started sketching for the pavilions. It was the challenge to find the right size, shape and material for every moment.


January 2017






The morning is soft and dreamy for me, these characteristics asked for soft and light materials. The afternoon is made of plastic in bold colors and reflective elements. It was important that the evening got the most heavy and dark feeling; this quickly led me to the use of metal.






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